Can You Make This Thing Go Faster?


Can You Make This Thing Go Faster?

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Clarkson's latest hilarious, no-nonsense guide to modern life is the perfect gift for the straight-talking petrolhead in your life
These days, you might know him better as a tractor-driving Gentleman Farmer, but Jeremy Clarkson wasn't always a horny-handed son of the soil.
Not at all . . .
Back in the day Jeremy was far more likely to be found gunning around the world in a haze of burnt rubber and petrol fumes. But life as a globe-trotting petrol-head also meant he was forced endure more than his fair share of foolishness, frustration and downright bafflement. And, while Jeremy may not a patient man, you have to ask why anyone should have to consider issues as diverse and perplexing as:
·The downsides of relaxing in a bath of crude oil ·Why fishing is for people who hate their kids ·Whether there are noise-cancelling headphones with the power to silence James May ·Why saving the planet means soggy paper straws and no more children ·What to do about the rambler who stole his marrow
But as puzzling and exasperating as life on the road often seemed to be, you could always count on Jeremy to set the world to rights with a rare wit and unique understanding. And at full throttle. Just don't expect it to all go smoothly . . .


  • Format:150x230 mm
  • Liczba stron:308
  • Oprawa:miękka
  • ISBN-13:9780241464489
  • Data wydania:4 listopad 2020
  • Numer katalogowy:445116

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