We Can Do Better Than This.


We Can Do Better Than This.

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We talk about LGBTQ+ equality. But what does it actually mean? And how do we get there?
In this powerful and thought-provoking essay collection, 35 people - from actors, pop stars and athletes to scientists, writers and activists - set out to answer these vital questions.
We Can Do Better Than This meets the famous drag queen who wants to eradicate the stigma around dating trans people, a gay Bangladeshi activist calling for the decriminalisation of homosexuality after his best friends were murdered in a hate crime, the Russian lesbian sex blogger skirting around the law to educate young people, a well-known trans author and journalist who wants to reimagine trans media representation, and the supermodel calling for the end of intersex surgeries on children.
Featuring deeply moving personal stories and provocative new arguments, this is a book about how we can make our world better, and why LGBTQ+ equality should matter to everyone.


  • Format:145x20 mm
  • Liczba stron:340
  • Oprawa:twarda z obwolutą
  • ISBN-13:9781529113303
  • Data wydania:9 czerwiec 2021
  • Numer katalogowy:488886

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