The Sentinel: A Jack Reacher Novel: 25.


The Sentinel: A Jack Reacher Novel: 25.

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Jack Reacher is back! The `utterly addictive` (The New York Times) series continues as the acclaimed #1 bestselling author Lee Child teams up with his brother, Andrew Child, fellow thriller writer extraordinaire. `One of the many great things about Jack Reacher is that he`s larger than life while remaining relatable and believable. The Sentinel shows that two Childs are even better than one.`--James Patterson As always, Reacher has no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there. One morning he ends up in a town near Pleasantville, Tennessee. But there`s nothing pleasant about the place. In broad daylight Reacher spots a hapless soul walking into an ambush. `It was four against one` . . . so Reacher intervenes, with his own trademark brand of conflict resolution. The man he saves is Rusty Rutherford, an unassuming IT manager, recently fired after a cyberattack locked up the town`s data, records, information . . . and secrets. Rutherford wants to stay put, look innocent, and clear his name. Reacher is intrigued. There`s more to the story. The bad guys who jumped Rutherford are part of something serious and deadly, involving a conspiracy, a cover-up, and murder--all centered on a mousy little guy in a coffee-stained shirt who has no idea what he`s up against. Rule one: if you don`t know the trouble you`re in, keep Reacher by your side.


  • Format:150x415 mm
  • Liczba stron:368
  • ISBN-13:9781984818461
  • Data wydania:13 październik 2020
  • Numer katalogowy:480322

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